BitTorrent Now

iOS, Android, Apple TV, Website — 3MM Monthly Active Users


BitTorrent Now is the best place to experience music and video from the underground artists you don’t know about yet. We’re dedicated to sharing the world’s original, experimental, and straight-up brave stories in a way that gives these creators a sustainable future for their art.


Problem Statement

We determined through user interviews and surveys that the largest pain point for BitTorrent users was the inability to find content, and the lack of expertise needed to use torrents. The design goal of this project was to provide hungry fans with an easy to use interface that aids discovery and consumption, on every device across the world.


Our primary audience were up-and-coming artists, underground creators, and their fans — who are hungry to find that next, best thing while supporting the artists they love.

Our secondary audience were existing µTorrent/BitTorrent users — the size of this user base, and their obvious appetite for content made them a valuable audience.


I worked on this project as the Product Design Lead — contributing to early-stage product strategy and generative user research, and later with interaction design, visual design, and rapid prototyping for user testing throughout the design process. I managed a small team of in-house and contract designers, and served as the main product liaison between the design team, the engineering team, and executive stakeholders.

I worked on a scrum team with a PM, a team of developers (back-end, front-end, iOS, tvOS, Android, Testing), and two junior product designers. I served as scrum master for the team.


• Tight timeline of six months

• Four platforms — Web, iOS, Android, Apple TV

• Localization — worldwide user base (USA, Brazil, Russia, India, Korea)

• New Team — Spinning up a new product team from scratch meant that team members were added throughout the design process.

Design Process Highlights

The design process started with iOS, as we knew that our mobile app would be the main source of creating a habit for the user, which would then be augmented by the Apple TV and desktop versions of the app.